Long Prompts Splitter Tool For Chatgpt

Chatgpt Long Prompts Splitter Tool - Split long prompts into smaller 15,000 characters or custom chunks for chatgpt. And safely get long queries answers from chatgpt.

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What is Chatgpt prompt splitter ?

Chatgpt doesn't supports long prompts. The Chatgpt playground not gives response on longer prompts and gives this message "The message you submitted was too long, please reload the conversation and submit something shorter". You can bypass this message and get responses on long text prompts through chatgpt long prompt splitter tool.

How its works ?

Enter long prompts in above textbox and split into parts. The tool converts into smaller chunks with perfect manner. Copy that chunks one by one and paste into chatgpt. Chatgpt will read all chunks then give answer.


  • Supports any language code as prompt and without change single word process into splits
  • Supports chatgpt and other ai models
  • Free, Fast & Secure (We didn't store your query)
  • Custom chunk characters size