Remove duplicate keywords tool by similarity score [Bulk]

Tool can be use for Remove Duplicate in bulk keywords , Find duplicate keywords , Keyword Deduplication , Duplicate keyword finder , Similarity Check , Keyword list cleaner by remove duplicates.

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How to remove duplicate and repeated keywords from big list ?

Use our tool and set similarity score. It will find similarity between each keywords by each other and remove duplicate keywords according to similarity score. Here is the steps to use tool.

  1. First copy keywords list and keywords must be line by line.
  2. Paste in first text box and select similarity score. I recommend best similarity score for remove duplicate keywords is 0.7 and 0.8.
  3. Tick on google recaptcha and Submit it and wait to finish process. Under second text box unique keywords will be show. Click on Copy button for copy the list.
  4. According to need you can again change similarity score and submit same keywords. Which keywords removed and retained details also available in table.

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