Xml sitemap generator tool for blogger -Create sitemap

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Xml sitemap generator tool for blogger – Generate xml sitemap for blogspot blogs in free. The blogger sitemap generator instantly create sitemap for google and bing search engines.

Sitemaps helps to index content fast on search engines. It helps to discover our urls and crawling. Without submitting sitemaps search engines takes time to crawl and index. There is alternative available which search engine inspection but only limited url can submit and its time consuming task because one by one url we have to submit.

Search engines itself recommend to submit sitemaps under search console. Sitemaps contains the urls list of our website or blog. After submit it process and discover that urls. Its also increase crawling rates which improves our website traffic from search engines.

You must have to submit sitemap under search console. Having blogspot blog then less than 1 minute generate xml sitemap from our tool and submit to search consoles.

Generating xml sitemap for blogger is completely different from other CMS platform websites. Its very easy anyone can generate manually or use our tool.

Xml sitemap generator tool for blogger:

Xml sitemap generator tool for blogger for generate xml sitemaps. Create sitemap of blogger and index content fast on google and bing search engines.

How to create xml sitemap for blogger ?

On above tool enter blogspot url and click on generate xml sitemap button. Instantly xml sitemap url will generated. You can open the url to check your blogspot blog posts urls. Let’s come to the steps :

1. Copy blogspot homepage url and paste in above text box.


2. Click on “Generate XML sitemap” button. Now click on “Copy Sitemap Link“. It will copy to clipboard.


3. For create more xml sitemaps. Reset the field and enter different blogs homepage urls.

How to submit blogspot sitemap to search engines ?

Submitting blogspot blogger sitemap is also different. We have to add into robots.txt file with proper commands. Below is sample just copy and add above generated sitemap links in it. And save it.

# Sitemap built with https://wpseohosts.com/blogger-sitemap-generator/

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

Sitemap: https://example.blogspot.com/atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500

Login to blogger account and visit settings. Scroll below and enable custom robots.txt. Paste above codes and replace sitemap link with above generated xml sitemap.


People who are new in blogging field always use blogspot first. Its completely free to start with blogspot url. There is no more setup require and best interface you will get for startup. There is no hosting or domain require.

Many big blogs and website also uses blogger platform. Because there is no web hosting charges even with custom domain name. Thousands of blogger templates is available on Internet which makes any type of interface.

Somewhere i read google gives priority in ranking and adsense in monetization blogspot blogs first. If you don’t wants to do advance setup just start with minimal configuration then start blogspot blog on blogger free and add sitemap from this steps.

Any feature you wants to add in this xml sitemap generator tool for blogger then free to comment below. Also please our website url on your social accounts. It will motivate me to create more free tool for you.