Trick to recover from google March 2024 core update if hitted?

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Google March 2024 Broad core update recover and fix trick

Recover from google March 2024 core update – Google time to time release search engines updates to make it more better. This updates shows more accurate search results to users. Sometimes even it hits some good sites also. But recovering is very easy if follow our tips carefully and again back to track if dropped.

Search engines aims to provide results in best , better , good way. With roll out of updates sometimes it also gives details like focus on which part. Content always king in seo but other factors also decide to ranking better on search engines.

Finally if we founds the bad part of site and replace with new google guidelines then we can recover all the search engines traffic backs. Even ranks better.

There is lots of types updates released by google and today’s date every month is coming. Many times google even not confirm update has been released but rank tracking tools gives signals.

Recently google has been roll out which main aim is removing spam content first. People on forums saying gained good traffic from searches while some got hit and lost massive traffic.

The update effected even unique updated content sites also. Before release link broad core update google released some guidelines to recover or ranking better for organic traffic.

Recover from google March 2024 Broad core update

For recover from google update use exact keyword on more h2 & h3, make small articles and low keyword percentage like fixes we will discuss in this article.

How to recover from google March 2024 Broad core update ?

Google Mar 2024 core update is released on 5th March 2024. The update will take one month for full roll out. But like always within 24 hours it shown the effect on hit site.

Some websites dropped by more than 90% traffic. Suddenly search engines traffic drop means hit by recent google update or manual auctions penalty. For manual auctions check on webmaster search console manual auctions option and follow instructions for recover.

Google March 2024 update is biggest update. And sad thing is site wide update. It will effect whole website if some pages ranking dropped. If your website hitted by March 2024 core update then follow below tricks and tips. After follows it will take some time to recover.

Like other core updates google given statement “Make content more better“. Various things come under this statement but from below tips recover google update hitted website fast.

Google search engine update March 2024 recover tricks

Follow below points for Speed up recover process if hitted from google March 2024 update.

Pro Tip : Update content on articles like title , description and content.

1. Remove copy paste content

Uses copied content from other website then remove it now. This copy paste content is stopping your website from performing well. Suppose whole article is unique but added some lines or paragraphs is copied from other website or written by AI tool then remove it completely.

This update is more effecting and down the websites which have copied content from original website. Your content must be 100% unique for ranking better on google search engine after link broad core update.

2. Keywords in Heading

I searched lots of keywords on google after March 2024 update. Websites which uses more keywords on headings are better ranking on that keywords. So use the keyword two three times in article heading like H2 & H3.

keywords on heading

Add the content after heading with keyword and write this line as like description. Because many time google auto fetches description from content itself which plays major role in ranking. Use this tip and recover from google recent update.

3. Content guidelines

Content plays very important role in google rankings. The update name itself clears helpful so make the content more helpful for peoples not for seo. Making the article more than 500 keywords is good and better ranking signals. It doesn’t mean writing the same meaning in each and every line. Be unique.

unique content

Make the content completely unique. Write the content in deep and satisfy visitors from content. People don’t press back and visit other site for same information.

Leave the AI tool today because google daily changing the algorithm to remove AI content from search engines. Don’t mix with unique content otherwise both content some won’t work. AI content is also de-indexing from search engines so leave AI content today or added then remove it now or replace with original hand made content.

4. Don’t add keywords forcefully

Content writers always makes seo optimized articles where sometime forcefully adds keywords. After March 2024 update now focus on people-first content. Add the information which peoples need and complete satisfy from your content.

I am not telling you don’t add keywords. Adding keywords is also important but add like natural where needs the keyword add only there. Too much keywords also not a good ranking factor.

5. Focus on one category

Suppose your blog is on Technology but you’re adding seo, games, finance and other category content as well. In this way ranking keywords is more difficult so focus on only one category.

If the website is old and content is already added. In this situation make different subdomains of every category and shift the content on that. Because google takes sub domain separately. Don’t forget to add every subdomain on google search console.

6. Unique images

Proper unique images and headings between content. Try the images which not copied from anywhere. Take your own screenshots and make unique image with adding some text.

Upload images which related to content only. Only doing formality then only god can increase rankings after this update.

Google official ranking systems

Officially google says this points for high ranking on google search. Must remember this points on managing website. This is google official ranking system.

  1. BERT : Combination of words and their meanings.
  2. Crisis information systems
  3. Deduplication systems : Removing of duplicate content and show in omitted results
  4. Exact match words in domain has high chances in ranking of that particular word.
  5. Freshness : Fresh content first
  6. Helpful content : Original , helpful , written by people and other search engine factors.
  7. Local news : Top stories content get plus points to high on ranking
  8. Neural matching
  9. Original content systems : Original content creator first
  10. Removal based demotion system : Removing of content on valid copyright removal requests
  11. Page experience : Helps to rank better
  12. Passage ranking
  13. Product reviews
  14. Rank brain : Shows relevant content even doesn’t match exact words

Above is the system which google uses for ranking. Follow and get better rankings.


So guys currently i found this tricks and tips to recover from March 2024 core update. Fix this things as soon as you can. Recovery can take month after doing this.

I am searching more and more points which directly effects on google search engine ranking. Will be share on this page so bookmark this page now. Share with friends so they can also recover their websites.