Free high da profile creation sites list for seo in 2022 (Dofollow)

Friends searching for best profile creation sites lists which is free and high DA to increase domain authority and search engine traffic. Then guys here is the top profile creation sites which give dofollow backlinks.

Making backlinks through submitting links on profile is one of the best off-page seo optimization method. You can use it for off-page seo optimization. This will increase your website online reputation and improves clicks from search engines.

It’s doesn’t matters, Your domain is new or old. If it is new then must go. Your keywords rankings will improve very fast on google and other search engines.

Why building backlinks on profile creation sites is safe ?

Google sees profile backlinks as different way. If we creates profile creation backlink on quality website then it is completely safe and comes in google terms. So it will not negative effect, Only give benefits and pass value to your site.

On our profile creation high da sites lists. All are genuine and there is no any spamming links you will see. So if build backlinks through our list then no chance of any worry.

Another thing is making profile backlinks in proper way is very necessary to get full benefits of the link. Must have to add proper anchor with keyword related to articles. Must have to balance both articles and homepage links ratio. Keep this points when creating backlinks then it is not less than from premium strategy.

What Seo Experts Says :
Seo experts always prefers profile creation sites because its not negative effect on seo as well as very less in number of spam and gives huge benefits to backlinks thats why it is safe to use.

What is profile creation sites ?

Profile creation sites where make own profile or business profile with the option to enter website homepage url and in some conditions Anchor tags also works in bio.

You would see when we creates sign up on facebook. We sees option to enter our website url under profile and other social urls to related our information. This all are comes under profile creation sites.

Profile link building is completely different from blogs links but we can say that it is similar to free social bookmarking sites. Using combination with social bookmarking will give best results very fast.

Profile creation vs other link building

As we know guest posting on our niche related sites is the best way to boost ranking and overall seo performance but its too expensive Where you have to write a article and place the link with our keywords.

But under profile creation, You have to make your profile with yourself details like name, bio, social accounts links, website homepage etc and publish it. This will create new link on that website and can be indexable as well as public accessible.

This can be on forums or social sites where you can also make posts, comments to give one more internal link of profile which linked to our site. This also helps in indexing our profile links fast.

Here is the some few more benefits of building backlinks on profile creation sites.

Benefits of Profile creation sites

Before going to the list, Read the best benefits which we gets on use profile creation sites. Number of benefits we gets after build profile backlinks and its also depend on sites to sites, domain authority and tag which we will discuss below in this article.

Let’s come to the benefits of making profile backlinks :

1. Easy to create high quality backlink

Creating profile backlink which points to our website is very simple and easy to create. Only you have to complete sign up process by visiting link which shared here. Complete email verification and some doesn’t requires it also.

Login to the sites and update your profile by adding your backlink in website field. That’s it. If you make some posts, comments, Likes, Votes on that site using this profile then your link will be index fast.

2. Long validity

Normally when we make backlink through directory submission sites or any method like guest post which comes with limited validity. After this, It will be removed by admin.

In that condition, It negatively effects on our seo work. Also our website DA goes down but building high quality links through profiles will comes with long validity or some last until website shut downs.

3. Very less spam

Obviously you will see very less spam in paid methods but if we takes free backlinks category then high number of spamming sites you will see but under free category >> Profile creation is only method which have very less spam as compare to other free methods.

Note: It doesn’t mean that every profile creation site is best and not a spamming. Still it is best to check spam score and domain authority once again before submit.

4. High DA

Using profile creation method, We can submit our website links on high da websites for free because its doesn’t deny to create profile on it.

Here I listed only selected best high da profile creation sites which increase your website authority as well as get website traffic through when anyone checks your profile details.

5. Anchor keywords

Use your own anchor keywords with href links is also possible through profile link submission sites. Not every sites gives this option but some allows html tags can be use in bio field.

You can easily make high quality do follow tag content link using this method, Just write the paragraph related to your website link and insert the link using “<a>” tag.

This type gives more benefits as compare to others because it is content link and pass the value almost equal to guest post.

6. Easy to Index

Google loves to index profile links, It can be easy to index without need of any indexing service. Once you create profile links, It will automatically index on search engines like google.

Sometimes making profile on high quality sites will also instant index the link on google.

7. Improve search presence

Building high quality backlinks through profile submission sites also increase search engines rankings and improvements in keywords positions.

This will boost your traffic from search engines by improving search presence. This will work on all popular search engines such as google, bing, yandex etc.

8. Increase domain rating

One of the great method to increase ahrefs domain rating and moz domain authority, Profile creation is the most using method to increase website DR and DA.

Suppose your brand is new, Then by making submission on profiles will increase brand reputation and authority both.

9. Free

One of the best benefits of profile creations sites is free, Completely free to submit. You don’t have to pay any single penny, Because these all sites are free to use and available for all users.

Only you have to invest few minutes from sign up to submitting your website domain link on this top profile creation sites.

So guys this all are the few benefits on building links on profile sites, The list of benefits is very big so i shared few one and this enough to trust.

Free profile creation sites list for seo

Profile creation sites list for seo 2022. Make this backlinks using profile creation and optimize seo. The list contains only high DA and dofollow sites.

Now without wasting your time, Here i reveals the best profile creation sites list sorted with high da first. Also check page authority and spam score.

Still i recommends to check spam score and authority once again using online tools before build links, Because its time to time changes.
URL Page Authority Domain Authority Subdomain Spam Score 97 99 1 91 96 1 82 95 2 85 94 2 96 94 2 88 93 3 73 93 2 69 93 7 73 93 2 76 93 1 75 93 1 76 93 1 68 92 1 76 92 1 84 92 1 73 92 2 69 92 1 60 91 1 64 91 1 64 91 1 71 91 1 64 90 1 62 89 1 63 89 1 70 88 1 66 87 1 64 86 1 64 86 1 60 85 3 71 85 5 65 85 1 61 85 1 60 85 3 61 84 2 62 83 6 65 81 1 66 80 1 66 80 2 66 80 1 62 79 1 95 78 1 95 78 1 58 77 2 58 77 2 64 75 1 53 74 1 56 71 1 55 69 8 59 65 1 50 64 1 62 62 11 59 62 1 56 61 1 49 58 1 47 57 1 53 53 1 49 51 1 48 46 0 47 40 2 37 35 2 47 35 2 43 32 3 40 30 1 40 29 1 39 28 1 40 28 1 39 23 1 32 23 0 25 23 0 39 22 0 37 21 2 40 21 1 41 21 2 35 16 1 30 15 1 39 15 3 37 14 1 21 8 1 19 8 1

So guys this is the top 80 profile creation sites list with high da and pa. You can use this list on any type of website like blog, affiliate etc. It will increase your website DA and page rank both.

Note : Only make maximum 10 profiles in a day for better results, Making too much backlinks in one day can be effect negatively.

How to build backlinks on profile creation sites ?

Above is the list but don’t know how to make profile backlink then don’t worry, Here i am sharing one example to create profile link. The method to create profile links is very simple and easy, It will not take more than 2 minutes for create one backlink.

Here i am taking example of where we sign up account and update our website link in github profile. You can follow exact method to build one high da 96 profile link free.

Every site has different methods and steps, I can’t share here steps for every websites but it will be similar like this github method. Just you have to visit the above links one by one and create new account on it then update your profile details with website link.

Visit the in your browser, It is a website where you can manage your software free. Now from right side, Click on “Sign up” button or simply enter email address for quick start.

github homepage

Once you submit the email address, It will redirect you to new page where you have to confirm email address and set password for github account.

Now the next field will be ask for username which you wants to set for this account or this will be show in url field also. Next field is wants to subscribe newsletter or not. Now complete the human verification by playing puzzle.


Click on “Create account” Button will send you next page where enter the code which sent by github on your email id. Now it will ask some questions regarding for which purpose you wants to use github.


Select the account type Github free or Github pro which is free for students. You can also go with free one if only need for profile link.

Finally your account will be created, You’re on github profile homepage. Now from right corner, Click on profile icon and select “Your profile” option >> “Edit profile” option.

github profile option

It will open some fields, You can update all one with your details like bio or only enter your website link only. Save it.

Your github profile link is created, You can copy your profile link and open without logged in. You will see your website url can be seen publicly. It means It can be index by search engines.

github profile backlink

Frequently asked questions answers

Guys here is the most common problems answers related to profile creation sites ? May be your doubt will solve from this questions and answers.

What are profile creations sites?

Profile creation site is like a normal websites which gives option to sign up and make own profile with details including option to submit our website link.

The profile creation website main purpose is making a personal profile or business/brand profile.

Profile creation site provides dofollow or nofollow tag link ?

It’s different from site to site, Some profile sites gives dofollow tag to the links while some gives nofollow tag. Once you insert link on profile then check yourself which tag backlink you got by inspect element in browser.

If you don’t need nofollow tag link then remove it and try the next site. Here we listed both High da nofollow as well as dofollow tag profile creation sites.

Is it increase DA of domain ?

Yes, Making backlinks on high quality profile creation site obviously increase your website domain authority and page ranking both.

This will also increase overall seo performance , website ranking, keywords positions in serps and lots of value will pass to your domain.

How many profile backlinks i should create ?

There is no limit to create backlinks but you should make only 8 to 10 backlinks in one day otherwise it may be negative effect. More you create, more benefits you will get but only high quality sites is good.

So make less but make good. Here we shared top 80 profile creation sites. They all are 0 spam score and will helps in increase website presence.

How to get own keyword anchor tag on profile links ?

Not every profile creation site will provide own keyword anchor tag backlink but some give this option where you can try. Like HTML code is allowed in bio or website field where you can make anchor tag backlink with own keyword by using “<a href=”link here”>” tag.

How to index profile creation backlinks fast ?

Backlinks is of no use until it indexed by search engines. It will index when search engines crawl the profile link url multiple times. So share this link on your social accounts, make internal links by posting comments if site supports can increase the chance of index very fast.

How to check my backlink is indexed or not by google ?

Wait almost a month to check the backlink is indexed by google search engine or not. Here is the method by which check profile link is indexed or not.

check google indexed links

Login to Google webmaster tool >> Search Console >> Select your website >> Left hand side, You will see “Links” option. Select it, Under external links you will see your indexed backlinks.


So guys this is the best and easy way to create backlinks using profile creation websites. You can use profile links to any type of category website and blogs.

Followed everything right which mentioned here then very soon you will see improvement and amazing results of your hard work. If you will combine this method to other type of backlinks then it will more benefited to you. Visit our SEO category for this type of articles.

Checks the link in ahref or semrush backlink tool then it will take few days to show. Have any other question in your mind which is haunting you then you can leave in below comments section. I will do my best to give your answer as soon as read.

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