Hooligan media review -How ad network scammed with me ?

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Hooligan media review 2023 – My honest review and case study

Here i am sharing my personal experience with hooligan media and its not a sponsored post. Are you going to use this ad network on your website then please read this carefully. How hooligan ad network scammed with me and made my earnings is zero.

Any where you heard about hooligan media is good ad network and adx partner but not google certified. Before going to apply the ad network ads on your website. Must read my experience otherwise in just few cents greed of cpm. Huge loss is coming in some months.

I heard about hooligan media from youtube channel. Actually i was searching for best ad network which gives good ad cpm. Applied for website for review and my site was approved before 24 hours.

Before this i searched about legit and scam but both good and bad reviews i found. So i decided to try the ad network. On blackhatworld forum there big scam worth $46K is posted with proof but i ignored it.

Let’s come to the full story what they do with peoples.

Hooligan media review

Here is my hooligan media review and my personal experience. How i scammed from hooligan media ad network and nothing got after 6 months.

How i get started with hooligan media ?

I visited website homepage and clicked on “Sign up” button. It redirects to register page where enter email address , domain name and create password for account. Click on “Register” button and site will go for review.

Very soon, In my case less than 24 hours and you will get approval mail. Login to above entered email and password. Here setup ads.txt file , place verification code in head part and ad units code where wants show ads. Ads will started once they applied for google ad manager from their end. No any process require from our side. In my case after setup this three things. It taken 24 hours.

Not same day reports will update. The dashboard doesn’t show ads impressions, Only ad requests. I am earning good as compare to other network because there ads open very fast.

How i scammed from hooligan media ad network ?

My website have very low page views so earning is less than $5 but from last 6 months i got 58K requests and made around $35. I am using it for two websites and separate accounts require. Suddenly one day i logged in and i checked my earnings showing $0. I filtered with last 6 months and only requests showing.


Waited for 4 – 5 days may be its technical error. Ads are still working and there is no anything inside deduction option. Later i created ticket to their customer care technical. But they replied with their FAQ links. Multiple times i sent emails but they are ignoring my words and sending same FAQ all the time.

mail proof

From 20 days i waited may be its technical error. This happened with my another site. Now i removed everything and given my experience review on trustpilot. After some time i got mail from hooligan media and forcing to remove review. Below is their exact words :

“As a result we must suspend your account and blacklist it from participating in any other IAB ad program. This is totally optional, however, you can avoid that if you immediately remove the malware and change your review to a 5-*. Please let us know if you decide to proceed with this option by responding to this ticket. Otherwise, you can simply remove our ads tags, script, and ads.txt from the site.”

Hooligan media ad network scam or legit

They removed me because my site has very low impressions nothing else and given me fake reason of malware. After i scanned for virus but its a clean website. So finally its clear low publisher will get nothing. If you earn big then they also eat according to blackhatworld. Its totally depend on their owners they will pay you or give a fake reason for deduction.

Hooligan media is totally scam, Don’t waste important time and traffic with this ad network. At last nothing will get. I know $35 is not big amount but doesn’t matter. How you are doing fraud by giving fake reason. Legit companies doesn’t do this cheap things.

Some people received payments also and receiving on time. But still its a risky. Tell me about your horrible experience in comments.