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Free Alexa alternatives list – Check websites rank

From last 25 years or more than people uses alexa for check their website rank and competitor analysis. But now finally they retired and shut down the service. So here i shared some top and free alternative for check website ranking and complete analysis same as like alexa.

Monitor website ranking is very important in SEO. Because to check our methods and ideas is working or not. made this all things easy and gives complete analysis about any website. But now we have only one option which is alternative of alexa.

There is lots of alternatives available on internet but mostly are paid but still doesn’t work like alexa. So i did deep research on seo tool which complete same as like is also paid tool but like ranking and basic analysis is free. Free alexa seo tool is enough to know about any website quality. Still in market some of the tool work exact same as like alexa. Read the article and you will not miss alexa in future.

Let’s come to the list without wasting your time. Tool posted here best one first, According to my experiences. So try one by one all the tools for fit best one for you.

Free Alternative 2023

Free Alternative for check website rank. This alternative works same as like Free and Best website rank checker tools.

1. Similarweb for check website rank and traffic evaluate

Similarweb is free alternative. It have all the features like 3 months website rank history, global rank, country rank, category rank. Even it’s better from alexa because it gives deep details and more analysis of website and doesn’t charge.

Check website bounce rate, total visits, average visit duration on similarweb same as like alexa. Get geographic location website traffic in maps. Some of the things which doesn’t provide by alexa but similarweb give in free.

Here is the comparison of free similarweb and

Compare Free Free Similarweb
3 months ranking history Yes Yes
Top keywords 5 6
Top referrals 5 6
Traffic and engagement No Last 3 months
Audience Demographics No Complete analysis
Competitors & Similar Sites 5 10 website list
Referrals traffic overview Yes Yes
Backlinks Top 5 backlinks No
Top countries traffic overview 3 6

In above comparison, Similarweb is more features in free as compare to free. Even as my personal experience gives more accuracy also.

How to check website rank on similarweb ?

1. First of all , visit on browser.

2. Enter website url without https:// on text box or website keyword. Like alexa, replace website direct in url. []

similarweb domain rank check

3. Click on website from dropdown list or search it.

4. That’s it, Your website global rank , country rank like will see. Scroll below for analyze traffic.

similarweb website rank

At a time only one website rank can check on similarweb. For check multiple urls rank, Visit bulk similarweb rank checker tool.

bulk similarweb rank checker

Ranking algorithm on both websites is different so you will get different rank on both websites.

2. Semrush – Best alternative

Semrush is paid tool but gives 10 queries daily free from one account. But free tool is sufficient to check website rank and traffic analysis like That’s why i added as alternative.

I seen some of the blogs gives semrush as first position for alternative. But under free semrush account only limited things will be unlocked.

Semrush is complete digital marketing tool apart for only checking rank. Use it for SEO, Content marketing and deep analysis for competitors website. If we compares paid alexa vs semrush then semrush is mostly used seo tool.

How to use semrush as alternative ?

1. First visit in browser.

2. Enter website url or website domain keyword.

semrush website rank check

3. Select website url from drop down list or click on “Start now” button.

4. It will redirect to sign up page. Enter email and password. Create new account. Verify email and activate semrush account.


5. Now login to semrush account. Enter website url and search in domain overview.

6. Under domain overview option, Check semrush rank like alexa rank.

semrush domain rank

Semrush website rank check without sign up
There is another alternative to create semrush account for website rank check. Only needs to website traffic rank then visit thehoth website traffic tool which show semrush rank free without sign up.

3. Sitechecker

Sitechecker is a free website to check website rank and traffic analysis as same as like I seen most accurate website traffic checker in my life which is sitechecker. It shows last 3 months total monthly traffic overview.

Check visitors engagement section for bounce rate, average visit duration, monthly page visits. More check Traffic analysis by countries and sources, Top 5 organic keywords, Top 3 referrals, Social traffic and competitors in free version. That’s why i added sitechecker as number 3 alternative.

How to use sitechecker as alternative ?

1. Visit url in browser.


2. Enter your domain and click on “Check” button.


3. Website traffic overview will see on screen. It will take some seconds to load data.


So guys, This is the list of free alternative of Check website ranking , Traffic analysis , competitors top keywords and many more features like alexa.

Tools like Free ubersuggest also give very brief traffic overview of any website. But doesn’t show rank of website. Rank is very low of website then submit on high da pa directory or automate backlinks creation using rankerx.

If i forgot to add any tool which is free and works like alexa then please share in below comments section and help other peoples.