5000 free directory submission sites list in 2024

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Wants to increase DA using White Hat Techniques then submit on 5000 free High DA PA directory submission sites to build high quality backlinks free. Directory submission is safe method to increase domain rating, domain authority and most using method for search engine optimization by placing your domain links to directory submission sites.

The method will positive only if getting backlink from high quality sites so here we shared only selected directory sites which build high rated domain backlinks. It helps to boost rankings on popular search engines like google, bing etc. Nothing to do any special only visit high domain authority sites, some requires sign up and submit the link.

Some of the high pr sites even doesn’t requires sign up. Just visit and place the link. Once it lives and crawled by google or other search engines it helps in boosting ranking as well as little bit traffic also comes from quality links. This also gives plus signal to the search engines.

In this guide we adds new high da pa sites list every week. Use it to submit your website. There is no spamming sites is listed here. Only Quality submission site with high DA, PR is available Here. So no fear of any negative seo effect. You can go with any site, We checked each and every site manually.

Note : Before start to making links, I Recommend not to make more than 20 links in a day because it can harm your site and may be penalized by google or other search engines.

Another thing submit only on niche related sites if that category not available on directory then leave it. If sites related to adult or gambling related then don’t try this sites because it will not work for you or if submit then it will be removed by directory owner or may be harm your seo work.

Creating High authority links gives power your domain and increases DR, DA, PR, UR, PA which is major ranking signal factor. It boosting ranking and withing some days you will see effect on keyword positions and website traffic.

What is a Free Directory Submission sites ?

At internet lots of directory sites available with good domain authority and page authority that sites free link, paid link or exchange link to the users. Huge number of categories you will see which covers almost 90% websites niche. Some of the directory requires sign up process, email verification, domain verification to place links.

Submitting websites on high page ranking directory submission sites, web 2.0 submission websites is most used Off-page search engine optimization method which works on every search engines including google. Directory submission has huge number of seo benefits like instant content index, improvement in keywords ranking, free traffic from directory sites and many more.

If you are on free hosting sites then still it will be work because it builds on domains, Web hosting doesn’t matters.

Types of Directory submission Sites :

1. Free Directory Submission – Websites where free submission service is available, There is no any charge or reciprocal link required to submit site on directory like social bookmarking sites.

2. Paid Directory Submission – Directories where some amount of charge needs to pay for place your links. Mostly you will see on high quality only.

3. Exchange Directory submission – This type of directory submission also high quality because they have huge number of backlinks which pointed to their domain and getting backlink from this type of domain will provide great SEO Benefits.

The process to get exchange or reciprocal links is first you have to submit website and then they give a url which you have to place on your website. After they will check it and approve your listing.

4. Niche related sites – Suppose your blog or website on Tech niche then web directory which are on tech related this type of websites are niche related and i would highly prefer this type of submission because will give more benefits as compare to others. One more thing only go with quality sites which have high authority for niche related sites.

5. Dofollow Tag sites – The directory which gives Dofollow tag after submission of website are dofollow tag directory sites. Mostly this directories are paid or charge little amount. This is also more effective and useful, Comparison from other type of directory submission sites, Dofollow tags are more high quality authority sites and most seen in profile creation sites.

6. Nofollow tag Sites for directory submission – Nofollow tag means website where your link placed will not follow your website but it doesn’t means nofollow sites are not useful. If getting nofollow tag from High Rating web directory will great optimize your seo work. Also combination of both nofollow and dofollow is necessary to make High authority domain.

Top Free Directory Submission sites list 2024 with high DA, DR & PA

Thousands of high da sites list available on internet but submission on high domain authority is only useful. Submitting on low quality nothing works may be harm your seo work and negative effects on website ranking. So try only our list which contains more than 5000+ directory sites. It contains both free and paid links you have to choose and submit your website link on it.

Automation Submission tool
Making backlinks manually is very very difficult part of SEO but its necessary, So you can use automation tools like rankerx which automatically create backlinks on high da pa sites.

List of Free high da pa Backlinks submission sites

S. No. Directory submission sites list DA & PA Tag
1 www.dmoz.org/https://dmoz-odp.org/ 88,73
2 boingboing.net 89,73
3 www.entireweb.com 54,58
4 www.ellysdirectory.com 32,51
5 mastermoz.com 31,50
6 cipinet.com 46,36
7 scrubtheweb.com 49,55
8 freeadstime.org 37,47
9 hdvconnect.com 34,45
10 http://freewebsitedirectory.com 32,47
  • DA – Domain Authority
  • PA – Page Authority
  • Tag – Dofollow or Nofollow

Above is the my favorite 10 best directory submission sites with high da , This all are combination of both nofollow and dofollow backlinks. This all have 0% spam score. First you must submit on this site.

Web Submission Directory Site between DA 20 to 50

This is the Second filtered list , This all is also high quality and da is between 20 to 50. The page authority also high with mentioned DA and PA after Link.

  1. wallclassifieds.com 27,40
  2. findermaster.com 21,41
  3. h1ad.com 23,39
  4. giganticlist.com 29,40
  5. classifiedsfactor.com 21,39
  6. einternetindex.com 23,36
  7. www.marketinginternetdirectory.com 32,52
  8. dizila.com 24,42
  9. ukinternetdirectory.net 29,46
  10. gmawebdirectory.com 29,44
  11. promotebusinessdirectory.com 29,42
  12. sonicrun.com 28,50

Sorted List with high pa

This is the sorted list of  sites with domain authority. The list also contains page authority and Spam score. So you don’t need to filter manually, This will save your time. Let’ start to submit all of them one by one but don’t forget not more than 15 to 20 in a day.

URL Page Authority Domain Authority Subdomain Spam Score
somuch.com 52 35 0
www.usalistingdirectory.com 53 32 1
http://alistdirectory.com 47 31 5
https://www.9sites.net/ 46 30 5
voxcap.com 35 28 0
http://www.a1webdirectory.org/ 49 28 7
http://w3catalog.com 44 28 8
http://wldirectory.com 52 27 10
http://freedirectorysubmit.com 44 27 6
busybits.com 45 27 3
elitesitesdirectory.com 45 27 6
rdirectory.net 46 26 7
nonar.com 44 26 12
intelseek.com 47 25 1
http://www.onemilliondirectory.com/ 44 25 1
freetoprankdirectory.com 44 25 7
jewana.com 44 25 7
momsdirectory.net 44 25 6
jewana.com 44 25 7
happal.com 43 25 9
allfreethings.com 46 24 5
allfreethings.com 46 24 5
the-free-directory.co.uk 48 24 11
http://directory-free.com 46 24 1
bedwan.com 44 24 8
allinksdirectory.com 43 24 2
nexusdirectory.com 42 23 2
directmylink.com 44 23 15
suggest-url.net 42 23 0
http://alistsites.com 47 23 4
yoofindit.com 37 23 0
generalbusinesswebdirectory.com 41 23 6
http://addbusiness.net 46 23 6
linkpedia.net 47 22 10
baikalglobal.com 44 22 0
puppyurl.com 45 22 2
h-log.com 44 22 5
ranaf.com 43 22 5
list-directories.com 41 22 4
submitlinkurl.com 41 21 12
diamondoa.org 41 21 4
directoryseo.biz 42 21 8
linkroo.com 47 20 1
linkroo.com 47 20 1
diroo.org 43 19 4
blahoo.net 44 19 0
towebmaster.net 43 19 5
alabamaindex.com 42 19 2
directoryfever.com 44 19 5
the-web-directory.co.uk 43 18 3
livepopular.com 45 18 6
bis-project.eu 35 18 8
mugro.info 46 18 2
xtians.com 38 17 8
rajaf.com 42 17 7
lollj.com 33 17 15
ananar.com 45 17 7
emsbrokers.com 33 16 15
olarex.eu 39 16 8
royaltyfreemusic-1.com 32 15 8
abicloud.org 37 15 3
history.fivestarfastlane.info 19 15 11
productselectoren.com 40 14 7
generaldirectorylistings.org 43 12 8
http://theredtree.com 37 10 3

Top 100 directory Submission Sites

S.no. Directory Submission Links Domain Authority
1 directorycave.com 13
2 directorytag.com 9
3 linkroo.com 20
4 d-i-r.com 11
5 easylinklist.com 9
6 linkdevils.com 16
7 linknthink.com 10
8 directorydudes.com 10
9 www.2daydir.com 14
10 www.usalistingdirectory.com 32
11 www.marketinginternetdirectory.com 32
12 www.gainweb.org 30
13 www.revusa.com/ 17
14 www.alistsites.com 27
15 alistdirectory.com 31
16 baikalglobal.com 22
17 www.247webdirectory.com 29
18 9sites.net 30
19 pakranks.com 27
20 onlinesociety.org 9
21 ads.digitalmarketinghints.com/ 16
22 freeadstime.org 37
23 classifiedsfactor.com/ 21
24 wallclassifieds.com 27
25 h1ad.com/ 23
26 findermaster.com/ 21
27 advertiseera.com/ 17
28 giganticlist.com/ 29
29 rectanglead.com/ 14
30 thehillel.org 20
31 evolvingcritic.com/ 23
32 pakranks.com/ 27
33 a1webdirectory.org/ 31
34 wldirectory.com/ 30
36 1websdirectory.com/ 29
37 targetsviews.com/ 21
38 linkaddurl.com/ 26
39 247webdirectory.com/ 29
40 greatlinksontheweb.com/ 11
41 listandgethighrank.com/ 10
42 fat64.net 26
43 idahoindex.com/ 20
44 fivestarscenter.com/ 26
45 5submission.com/ 17
46 royallinkup.com/ 23

The DA and PA of Directory submission sites was checked on 24th February 2024, This may vary time to time because when new high da links point then Websites DA increases and Lost Backlinks will Decrease DA but i will try to update its time to time.

What Benefits you get of Directory Submission sites ?

Various benefits will get on placing link on web submission service, Its not matter free or paid. It must be quality, Related to your Niche, High DA. Here going to share some benefits to you why directory submitting sites is necessary for website and what you will get after submit site.

After submitting Site on high quality directories you will get below benefits from Day – 1 but it will take some time to show full power of Submission.

1. Super Fast Indexing New Content, Updated Content

After submit website on high page ranking directory it will take some days to index by search engine. Its depend on Page quality and traffic, Crawl by search engines. Once sufficient sites pointed to your domain so that authority will be increased and little amount of traffic will also come directory which is major factor of quality links.

Once your domain rating and authority increases your indexing of website content will also fast. High domain authority website content mostly indexed instant. The same thing also applies on updated content, because updated content takes time on low authority websites and mostly instant on High DA websites. So making high authority by quality directory will increase search engines crawl rate as well as helps in fast indexing content.

2. Keywords Ranking Increases

Web directory submission helps to improving in keywords ranking, All know that high quality backlinks helps to improve DA as well as website ranking on search engines. Directory submission sites is also doing same thing giving backlink to your website. If you submit on quality directory then you will get quality backlink.

Here we listed lots of High DA sites but its not necessary to place on all this. Search first related to your niche and Find quality and then submit. Also its not necessary your keywords position will guaranteed improve because search engine like google sees various factors in keyword positions.

Another thing i seen on search results, Without much quality lots of websites keywords ranks so not only focus on making backlinks. It can trouble you. Still Content is king and keyword rankings depend various factors.

3. Helps to Improve Website Authority

Why peoples create directory submission backlinks because its increase website domain authority and by this search rankings also improves. By Submitting your website links on different different directory will give you one backlink everytime but only quality links will be helpful other links will not give any benefits.

Every website owner wants to top positions and good rankings on search engines means good traffic which increases sales and income. The method to make build quality links and improve in website authority naturally.

High DA doesn’t mean you will rank, Its Depend on quality of links so always choose high rated domain site which have good traffic, related to niche, no spamming then it will benefited and increase website DA authority.

4. Increases in Website Traffic

One of the major success of Web directory submission is organic traffic improves as well as some amount traffic direct comes from directory. Because they have also huge number of submitted sites list so people searches new sites, category wise sites and select the URL according to need.

Direct traffic is very low but quality traffic will come. Because only visitors come who really content of your website because when you submits website on directory it will fetch our title and description or ask to enter manually so direct visitors first read and come to your website.

Now how its benefit for organic searches, When niche related traffic comes from backlink then page quality as well as authority of website increases which improves keywords positions on Search engines. As a result your website traffic increases.

5. Helps in Creating High Quality Backlinks

Backlinks plays an important role in search engine optimization but it must be naturally for maximum benefits so when you submits website on high PR sites it makes one High pr backlink. It is most using method to build high quality backlinks.

One more time I am saying submitting website on high authority directory only helps you in Seo optimization. Here i shared hundreds of directory submission sites but better to submit on all, You should find Good one for your website and submit on that site only will build high quality backlinks.

Only submitting on directory sites makes your backlink profile strength, Also focus on title tags optimization to achieve 1st rank on google.

Comparison between Free Directory and Paid Directory Submission Sites

Difference is clearly visible in free and paid because paid things gives more benefit as compare to free things. So in Free and paid Directory submission same things apply. If you selects paid services then it will be more benefits because this are specially made for Search engine optimization.

Another thing minimum number of paid sites you will see high spam score because only selected peoples use paid links but huge number of spamming directory sites you will see in free so better to go with Paid directory submission it will give more value and other benefits.

Paid Web Directory are index faster as compare to free so you will effect in ranking and improvements very fast. Paid are mostly high quality directories only helps in increasing website rating and ranking on search engines like yahoo, google.

Overall, Paid high quality directory submission is best it doesn’t mean free is bad but you have to find right one from list. Check its Spamming score, Authority and Niche.

Directory submission alternatives

This is not only way to build high quality links for domain, Lots of ways also available on internet to create backlinks as like directory submission which here listed as alternatives.

1. Guest Posting

Most using and effective method used by every seo company to increase authority and get quality natural backlinks from any website by submitting your article with placing link of website or blog. This type of links index instantly if website already indexed on search engines. It is most Effective natural method without penalized by Search engines. This method little bit costly because website owners demand high money to place the article with link. Price depend on their authority and traffic.

2. Article submission sites

Another free and paid way to build high quality links is submission of articles on sites which offers article placement on registration but mostly gives nofollow links. This type of links is helps to improve search engines rankings, authority because they have lots of readers and millions of traffic.

Just you have to sign up on that site, email verification requires in some cases. After post unique article related to your niche and just 1 to 3 links of your website. Once you submit their authors check about content and your content will be live. This type of links also high quality and index fast on search engines like google.

3. Web 2.0 sites

Another method web 2.0 sites which is similar to directory submission and very easy as compare because sign up requires very minimum just you have to visit website and place the 2-3 content with your link. This takes some times to index by search engines so effect will be seen after long time but good method to create quality backlinks to increase domaing authority and website traffic.

4. Profile links

Lots of websites offers to put your website or blog link in profile for ex : FB, Twitter etc. Only you need to make profile on this sites and add your website link in bio or given option. This is another natural method to increase domain authority and this is absolutely free and fast method.

5. Forums Posting

This method not gives only quality link, also gives huge traffic. If the forums post have good traffic then links indexed instantly, Forums visitors transferred your website which improves search engines ranking very fast. Your keywords positions will be improved. The only thing you have to remember is posting on niche related forums.

The journey doesn’t end here , Apart from this methods lots of ways available but this is most using method to get backlinks from high rating domains. This quite similar like directories so we can say alternatives.

How to submit website or blog on directory submission site ?

Its very easy to submit website or blog link on different directory submission site in less time if you follow our steps corrently in a manner.

  1. First make a txt file on notepad and enter your website link , title , description and some keywords related to niche.
  2. Several tools available on internet to check DA, DR, Spamming etc like Moz spam score checker. First check and then select.
  3. Visit high quality directory site, If registration required. Complete it
  4. Navigate to Category in directory site and enter title , des, url and submit it. You can also use keyword and the url of site instead of homepage.
  5. Submit it. That’s it

Final words

Thanks for reading this article, I hope you understood my words and successfully submitted your website or blog to high domain rating directory. Wait for some days to index it and improvements in authority and rankings.

Now this is your turn to give me something, I wants you share the article with your friends. If you need any help then leave it in below comments section. Also if you have good quality directory sites then please share in comments.