Top 100+ Web 2.0 Submission Websites List of 2022 (Handpicked)

Wants to increase search engine traffic by making backlinks on submit at web 2.0 sites, So here is the powerful best web 2.0 submission websites list 2022 which all are spam free and high quality web 2.0 sites. This helps to increase traffic by improving keywords positions on search engines.

Web 2.0 is the natural way to generating traffic & making strong backlink profile. Mostly this type of link doesn’t hurt your seo profile. Also its very easy to create , Free and fast.

Index time is also very short and can be easily indexable without much work on web 2.0 submission sites because web 2.0 are mostly very high rated domains and thousands of links spreads over Internet.

Here i found out the best web 2.0 backlinks which all are handpicked and spam free. You can use the list on any type of niche sites category. After create backlinks on web 2.0, Very soon you will see improvements in serps ranking.

Making backlinks is very difficult work but this is the part of seo, You should manually create some for increase visibility over internet and boost domain authority. It helps to better crawl and fast index our website content also on search engines.

I recommend to submit your website on this top web 2.0 submission sites, If your domain is new then must create because lots of big bloggers and website owners also use web 2.0 to improve rankings. Its completely free, You don’t need to pay single cent.

Mixing web 2.0 with directory submission site , Profile creation sites & Free Social bookmarking backlinks will give you more better results. The list contains both nofollow and dofollow web 2.0 , So you don’t need to separate. Mixture of both tags is also necessary to avoid unnecessary search engines penalties.

What is a web 2.0 backlinks ?

Almost i explained fully about web 2.0 sites in above paragraphs, In short blogspot is web 2.0 site. I think you would understand.

Mostly web 2.0 gives sub domain where you can share your own content with links. Normally you have to sign up on this website and register free choice sub domain. People mostly uses niche related keywords domains.

High DA and Dofollow
Here you can write own article on that web 2.0 domain for free. More than 90% web 2.0 sites no restricts dofollow tags on links. Maximum blogs are high quality & High DA because its links from thousand of websites.

Web 2.0 blogs or article links also index on google and get traffic on it so with link value, You will also get traffic from web 2.0 backlinks.

Benefits of submitting site on web 2.0 domains

Number of benefits you will get if you place link on high DA web 2.0 website like traffic , link value, Serp improvement and many more. If article already written then max to max within 5 minutes website can submit on web 2.0.

I can’t share about every benefits of web 2.0 because list is big but some popular and important one are here.

Free targeted traffic

Web 2.0 blogs is completely indexable and you don’t need to add in google webmaster, So this blogs also get traffic from search engines. You can make article related to your website niche and place the link on web 2.0 blog to redirect traffic to your main site.


This traffic is completely free and only niche related users will visit the website. This will also improve main website serps ranking and you will benefited from both sides.

Increase domain authority

high da

Authority of domain huge matters in ranking, If backlink profile is good then keywords can easily rank. Most of the web 2.0 submission sites are high DA and getting backlink from it also increase your domain authority.

Dofollow tags

web-2.0 dofollow link

Getting dofollow backlink in free is very difficult because most of the site owners configure nofollow tag for external link but web 2.0 websites provides dofollow link which gives more value as compare to nofollow.

Keywords rankings

Slowly slowly you will see improvements in keywords rankings, Lots of new keywords will index and traffic will boost. When keywords will rank then automatically lots of website will use your link for source in that site so another backlinks you will get.

rankings increase

I think this benefits are enough to create web 2.0 submission backlinks so without wasting your important time, Below is the list.

Top high DA Dofollow web 2.0 sites list 2022

Thousands of web 2.0 websites available on Internet but submitting on all is very time consuming task so we filtered out top 100 web 2.0 sites from it and sort according to domain authority.

Submitting on high quality web 2.0 will give benefit only so don’t waste time on low quality and use our handpicked list only.

URL Page Authority Domain Authority Subdomain Spam Score 85 97 0 68 95 0 83 95 1 100 95 1 75 93 2 70 93 7 71 93 1 77 93 1 73 93 2 71 92 1 78 92 2 78 92 2 78 92 2 90 91 1 71 91 1 76 91 1 71 91 1 76 91 1 71 91 1 67 90 1 64 89 1 67 88 1 53 87 1 64 86 1 65 86 1 63 86 4 60 83 0 57 82 1 61 82 2 60 82 1 54 81 5 58 80 6 84 80 1 65 80 1 47 78 1 59 77 1 55 77 5 99 77 1 60 74 1 62 74 1 57 72 3 66 72 1 66 70 2 64 70 1 56 70 4 59 69 1 58 66 1 56 65 3 55 64 1 78 63 1 54 62 1 67 62 1 57 61 1 62 60 6 53 60 3 59 57 1 53 56 1 64 56 1 53 53 1 53 53 1 54 53 1 68 49 1 68 49 1 49 48 2 58 48 1 54 48 1 54 48 1 53 48 1 50 45 2 47 41 9 50 38 2 55 37 1 51 35 1 49 35 1 49 35 1 59 33 3 59 33 3 43 32 1 49 31 1 48 29 1 48 29 1 59 27 1 41 21 5 39 19 1 44 19 1

So guys this is my handpicked web 2.0 submission list for building high quality backlinks for free. The DA starts from 97 to 19 with 0% spam score.

Start with first one , Create high quality content and place the link in-content to look like natural.

How to build backlinks on web 2.0 submission websites ?

Almost building backlinks on all web 2.0 is same, Firstly you have to sign up on above websites then enter your choice subdomain and instantly your web 2.0 blog will ready.

Here i am taking the example of where i will build one dofollow web 2.0 backlink. Follow the steps.

1. Visit any web 2.0 site from above list. I am taking in this steps. If you are new then must go with this url for practice.


2. Homepage will open, Click on “Sign up” or “Start your website” button. On next page, Enter your email address, Enter any username & Password.


3. Next enter your choice domain, I recommend to use niche related keyword. It must be unique for accept. Search the query.


4. You will see list of domains available on your entered query, Other domain extension is chargeable so select free one.


5. If going to create wordpress website only for web 2.0 backlink then you can go with free plan or select your preferred plan.


6. Now click on “Start writing” will instantly create website with default theme. On next page, Enter your blog name and tagline. This is optional.

enter blog-name

7. Finally you will redirect on “Gutenberg editor“. Here write article with title and description. You can easily place your link within article and publish it.


8. Now visit the post url, You will see your added link is dofollow. That’s it ! one high da web 2.0 link is successfully created.

By follow steps similar like above, You can build web 2.0 submission links on other websites as well but its not enough to get full benefits. Below is some points which you can remember to get more value and index fast.

How to give more value to created web 2.0 links and index fast ?

Backlinks nothing works until it indexed by search engines so after create web 2.0 links, You must follow this things which helps to index fast and give more value to your website.

Create more than 5 articles

Some people who don’t know much about backlinks do such mistakes, After written one article and place the backlink they forgot about it. Sometimes its also index but it doesn’t pass any value to your website.

So create at least 5 articles on newly created web 2.0 blog with your main website related keywords. It doesn’t require to place the link on every article.

Creating more article helps in backlinks index and looks like natural which pass more value.

Update content

This step is optional but if you do then you will get more benefit. After creating article on web 2.0 blogs, If you updates content time to time then increase of traffic will more which directed benefited to main website.

Share on social media

After create article on web 2.0 submission sites , You should share on social media it creates some backlinks  which helps to index our built backlink fast.

Create backlinks

At least create 2-3 backlinks of web 2.0 blog also so it helps in index your build backlink as well as search engine traffic of web 2.0 articles which indirectly you can redirect to main website.

Final words

This is right words, Making one web 2.0 link takes only less than 5 minutes but making it in proper way takes time. Giving more time by updating content, sharing on social media will take time but quality and value will increase.

If you also do some work on web 2.0 website then you can drive lots of free targeted traffic. Not doing any work after create web 2.0 backlink doesn’t mean is not benefited. It is still helpful to increase DA and visibility which helps in improving serps.

I hope you liked our web 2.0 submission list and let me know your opinion about web 2.0 in below comments section.