A-ads review 2024 :High cpm crypto ad network (instant approval)

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Searching for best adsense alternative with instant approval. Read my honest ad network review about a-ads with case study, cpm rate, ads types and how to use even with adsense ads and get high cpm rates.

Yes, Its true no one ads networks can give more than from adsense earnings if traffic comes from worldwide. Here i am not talking about google certified partners which shows adsense ads. But A-ads proved it wrong and given me very good cpm.

In this article, I will try to cover each and everything about a-ads so every doubts will clear. I will also share my personal experience and how its works.

Benefits :
Before going to further, I wants to tell something which is very good on a-ads. Monetize any type of website and traffic with a-ads. Instant approval will get you. No minimum traffic requirements.

Suppose you can’t monetize website traffic with adsense for any reason then at the first moment you should put a-ads display banner on website if don’t wants to loose revenue.

Note : This article is not sponsored by A-ads. Here i am sharing a-ads review honestly on my personal experience and Also taken some screenshots to prove it.

What is A-ads and how its works ?

A-ads is the first and best crypto ad network from market since 2011. This ad networks shows crypto ads on website and on every impression get paid for publisher.

Advertisers can easily set budget and create ad units to show their ads on publishers sites. Advertisers can also pick up the selected website to show their ads.

No need of separate accounts for publishers or advertisers. Both can work from one account. Also publisher earnings can be use to advertise ad units.

A-ads doesn’t use javascript codes, no popups or cookies to show their ads instead uses iframe codes. It works on very neat and clean module which doesn’t hurts your seo work or speed of website.

How its works ?

We know the trend of crypto in market, Which is increasing day by day. A-ads uses only crypto advertisements which is already earns huge money so they place high bids for showing ads.

Tip :
As a result, Publishers gets good cpm rate and earn enough money from their traffic. Also filter display ads if don’t wants to show high risky investments ads but it effects cpm rates.

When you creates a-ads ad units. It will estimate the earnings on basis of impressions. A-ads works on cpm module, Clicks doesn’t matters but getting then its good for earnings.

All the things of a-ads is good like clean ads, no effects on website speed, high cpm rates etc etc. But only the drawback is unique impressions requires. It only counts unique impressions. Let me explain this :

How a-ads counts only unique impressions ?

Suppose getting daily 1000 unique visitors then definitely you will get 1000 views on basis of this visitors but further page views from this visitors will not count by a-ads.

This is the only drawback of this ad network, It doesn’t count like adsense or other ad networks but anyway still you will earn good from this ad network.

Payment methods

After check cpm rate of any advertisement platforms. Next question comes which is payment methods and payout time. The ad network is not popular then payment proof also requires.

A-ads is a crypto ad network and it supports only one payment currency which is bitcoin (BTC). It doesn’t require any minimum payout if you uses faucetpay or Expresscrypto wallets but 0.001 BTC for direct transfer to bitcoin address.

Daily all earnings will automatically withdrawal to added faucetpay or Expresscrypto wallet. Don’t need to place withdrawal request. It will instantly transfer where exchange or transfer or withdrawal to bank.

A-ads is a scam or legit ?

I watched on google lots of people searched for A-ads is a scam or legit so here i wants to share my payment proof. The payment system of a-ads is very flexible, Every day get withdrawal to linked BTC address.

My experience on legit
I am using faucetpay to get my withdrawals, And on time i am getting payments from a-ads. On this basis, I can say that a-ads is a legit website. Some users says its a scam or fake website, I think they didn’t use properly.

Here is some points which remember before saying its a scam :

  • Ads will take time to show, Almost 24 hours.
  • Must follow their policies, Self clicking on ads is strictly prohibited.
  • Only unique impressions will count
  • Earnings also depends on BTC price

Now here i am going to proof why a-ads is a legit ad network website.

A-ads payment proof

More than 10 withdrawals, I got from this a-ads ad network. I used faucetpay wallet so my earnings automatically withdrawal daily.


Below is the screenshot of a ads payment proof, So don’t worry about payments. It will not deduct any type of fees also.

a-ads withdrawals payment proof

Cpm & ctr rate

When we generate ad units on a-ads. It shows estimate maximum cpm rate per 1000 impressions and per click rate on basis of filter content.

Untick all the content except NSFW to maximize your earnings, NSFW won’t make much difference or it will not show erotic ads so its also good for your website reputations.

Estimate will show around $6 cpm rate, But it also depends on website content and category like you will get high cpm on crypto content.

cpm and ctr rate

On without crypto content website i got $4.19 cpm. I converted it from Bitcoin to USD. I seen huge spike in revenue when BTC market price increases. Here i counted only unique impressions.

my earnings

Type of ads

A-ads only supports banners ads of fixed sizes or adaptive. All the popular banner sizes available which shows both display and text advertisements.

Uses iframe codes to show the ads on website. It comes with lazy load so after page load a-ads iframe will load. This is another benefit of this ad network.

My recommendation : According to my experience, I got best earnings on 300*250 banner. Use only one ad units per page because its counts only unique impressions so second ad unit will generate very low impressions. Put the ad unit in header. It will generate good revenue.

Best A-ads alternatives

Already at publisher or advertiser on a-ads and finding the best a-ads alternatives then we have the list which can be use together with a ads to maximize earnings.

A-ads allows maximum three ads per page but still some more space available on website then you should try this alternatives of a-ads.

1. Valueimpression

Valueimpression is one of the best a-ads alternative which have more than 50+ premium ad networks including adsense. It works on header bidding which place high bid shows the ads first on inventory.

99% fill rate i got on valueimpression with more than $4 cpm. It mostly shows adsense ads. Here is the complete Valueimpression review. You can use together with a-ads.

2. Adsterra

Adsterra is the best ad network when your majority traffic is not organic and comes from other sources like referral, youtube, social media etc.

This ad network supports display banners, social bar, popup ads units. On US traffic it gives cpm rate more than adsense. It is another best a-ads alternative and can be use both of them. Here is the complete adsterra review.

3. Optad360

Not able to approve website on google adsense then use optad360, It is a google certified ad partner shows only premium ads so earnings as same as like adsense but they will cut 15% commissions but it’s ok.

This ad network works on cpm module, Click doesn’t matters. Here i shared the complete optad360 review.

4. Propellerads

Propellerads is my favorite ad network and i uses it to monetize my push notifications. I didn’t try other ad units but i am happy with push notifications cpm rate.

You can use interstitial ads , full page ads, floating ads, pop up ads to maximize earnings. Here is my experience on Propeller ads network

A-ads referral program

You can earn flat 50% advertising fees of your referrals for first 6 months after creating ad units. This earnings will be credited as rewards and can be withdraw as like ad units earnings.

On bottom of every ad units, You will see your a-ads affiliate link. Share with your friends and tell them to use at the time of sign up on a-ads.

As soon as they started earnings or run advertisement campaigns, You will get 50% fees for first 6 months. You can easily track referral status in dashboard.

I think , I covered almost all important things of a-ads review. Now if you are interested then here is steps to get started on a-ads.

How to use a-ads crypto ad network ads on website ?

Joining a-ads ad network and placing ads on your website is very easy, Here i will share all the complete steps with screenshots. How you can approve your website and create ad units.

1. First you have to visit the ad network website.

sign-up form

2. From homepage, Click on sign up button from right hand side corner will open the sign up form. Here enter your email id and complete the captcha verification.


3. Instantly you will receive password on your entered email id, You can copy and enter on current page or click on confirm link direct from email id to verify email id.

a-ads email confirmation

4. Once you confirmed, Instantly your account will successfully created. Now you can easily add your website and create ad units to show a-ads on your website.

How to create ad units on a-ads ?

After login dashboard, Click on “Create ad unit” button or Select earn from menu >> “Create ad unit“. Both the options will redirect you to add domain and ad units create page.


Select the ads size, Best performing a-ads sizes is 300*250, 728*90 & 320*100 or you can select adaptive size if you need responsive ad size.

On next field, Enter your domain url. Wants to show on all urls then enter root domain or wants to show on specific url then enter that url. If subdomain then you need to create separate ad units.

a-ads ad unit create

Here is the a-ads ad unit settings to show upto $6 cpm per mile and 0.52$ per click. Again complete the captcha verification and click on “Create ad unit“.

Instantly your a-ads ad units will be created and you will get ad code on screen. Copy that iframe code and paste it in your website where you wants to show ads.

a-ads ad codes

Within 24 hours or less, Ads will started to show. Make sure you are placing on entered domain. You can face code not found, low earnings like errors for first 1-2 days but its common problems, Automatically solve.

If the problem not solves then contact to live chat support, They will help you.

How to redeem a-ads earnings ?

As i told above, There is no minimum payout requires for a-ads publishers and no need to place any withdrawal requests.

To get payout from a-ads, Must complete the payment methods settings. I recommend to use faucetpay wallet payment method because it takes very very low fees and you will get instant withdrawals.

Complete the account on it. Under deposit section, You will get BTC address. Copy this faucetpay bitcoin address.


On a-ads dashboard, Click on “Finances” >> “Withdrawal options” >> Select withdrawal type as “To bitcoin address at Faucetpay.io“. Paste the BTC address on withdrawal address field. Enter pass on next field and update settings.

withdrawal options

For 2-3 days your withdrawal will be on hold for their security reason, After your payment will be daily processed to faucetpay wallet from their you can transfer to any crypto exchange platform.


So the guys, This is my personal experience with a-ads. You can use one ad unit per page of a-ads with adsense or use where you can’t put adsense ads. And take a look, You will get amazing results.

A-ads allow maximum 3 ads per page, I tried two ad units but only getting impression counts on my first ad units which firstly open so placing more ad units doesn’t make any sense.

If cpm rate, You are not getting as shown at time of creating ad units then you have traffic issue. You should submit your website on free directory submission sites to increase your organic traffic.

I hope you like this article, If still your problem not solved then don’t worry share in below comments section. I will reply as soon as possible. Now its time to share with your buddies on just clicking below social icon.