Optad360 Review -High CPM Ads, Premium ad networks partner

Guys you’re searching for service which optimize your adsense ads or monetize with premium ads network without join anyone through AI engine then you should read my honest optad360 review with case study.

Honest Review
I personally tried optad360 and i am happy with their services, Here i will share complete optad360 review and my experience with you. Also shared my earning reports and optad360 cpm rate and how its works ?

First of all, Its a ad network , google ad partner and monetization company where you can monetize your website, apps, videos and ads consulting services.

On optad360, you can monetize with adsense and without adsense with the help of google ad manager MCM. The optad360 ad network is also similar like valueimpression because it also works on header ad bidding.

Optad360 has lots of premium ad partners which place bids everytime ad requests on your site, Who pays high. The ads will show of that ad partners. So obviously google adsense wins bids most of the time and ads shows by google adsense.

Google adsense doesn’t offers video ads units but optad360 offers it through google ad manager where google allows video ad units whose CPM level is very high as compare to banner ads.



One of the best thing of optad360 is no need to place every ads by code, Only you need to implement their one JS Code and rest their AI smart software will do. It will save your time.

Once your website approves , You will get personal account manager from which you can talk on whatsapp , email, call to sort out your problems.

I used optad360 with my website so i can’t share the app or video content monetization review but you can guess, Anyway almost all things will be same.

Let’s come to the start my journey of optad360, How is my experience and you should use or not and what requirement needs for approval.

What is optad360 ?

Optad360 is google certified partner which offers various services. First you can use it for adsense ads optimization through their AI engine like ezoic which definitely increase ad revenue.

Secondly if you don’t have adsense account then you can use the monetization option where including google adsense and ad manager, You will receive ads from more premium ad networks on bidding basis.

They also accepts direct advertisers ads like google ads which also shows on their publishers websites.

They are from since 2015 in this field, Currently hosted more than 3000+ websites and every month 11 billion ads impressions comes from it.

So you can say optad360 as ad server , monetization company , ad optimization company to maximize your profits from ads.

Requirement for optad360 approval ?

Note : Before move to further, I will clear which type of requirements needs for optad360 approvals. Because of google certified partner, The policy is same as google ad manager.

You need at least 1 Lacs to 3 lacs page views per month or you have above then chances of approvals is more.

Majority of traffic must comes from organic search engines with good alexa rank. You don’t need google adsense approval or adsense account to use optad360 but must have google ad manager account, Don’t have then easily create within few minutes.

If your traffic doesn’t comes from search engines then you should try adsterra which gives more cpm from adsense. That is the best adsense alternative of this year or try directory submission sites list which helps to improve search engines traffic.

Optad360 Requirements
Page views 1 lacs to 3 lacs per month
Adsense account No
Adsense Approval No
Google ad manager Yes
Organic traffic Yes, Must be Main source
Valuable Content Yes

Once you have above requirements, You can go with optad360. They manually review your website and contact you if your website approves.

Optad360 Payment method

Currently they don’t have panel like other websites where you can add payment methods and like that, But earning reports api is available which works in real time.

There is only $100 minimum payout requires on optad360, They doesn’t charge any fees to transfer your earning.

accepted payment methods by optad360

All the popular payment method available on optad360 which is Paypal , Wire transfer (Bank) , Payoneer or you can talk with account manager if any other payment method you need.

Optad360 will hold your earnings for 30 days and then transfer it on next 25th of the month. It is similar like adsense which transfer earnings on next month 21st.

Payment Transfer
For example : Your earnings of September month will be transferred in 25th of October month.
Optad360 Payment Method Minimum Payout
Paypal $100
Bank wire transfer $100+
Payoneer $100
Other Ask with account Manager

Optad360 ad partners

All the ad partners of optad360 is premium and works on bidding. Here i am sharing some popular names only, Wants to check full list then check your ads.txt send by optad360.


  • Google ad manager
  • Rubicon
  • Pubmatic
  • Taboola
  • Mgid
  • Sovrn
  • Yandex
  • OpenX
  • Adform
  • And many more

By using optad360 monetization, You can show all this publishers company ads on your website. You don’t need to sign up on everyone.

Ads will show according who will win bid when your website requests for ads. Who pays high, The ads will show from that partner. You don’t need to think about this things, Optad360 will do automatically.

How to Sign up on optad360 ?

As i say above, They don’t have a proper online panel because they are working on it. Your all work will done by account manager from which you can talk Monday to Friday on office hours.

To get started with optad360, First you have to fill the sign up form with all requirements. They will manually review your website and contact you for further process.

Here is the steps, Follow it correctly if you wants to use an optad360 monetization on your website or app.

  1. First of all,
  2. On first page, It will ask to enter basic info about you like name, surname, email address, phone number, language (supports more than 16+ languages), what you wants to monetize app or website.
  3. basic-info-signup form
  4. On second page, Enter your personal data or company details like Address, pincode, city, country and billing currency.
  5. personal information fill up
  6. Third page comes with your app or website details. Select website/app category, monthly page views, Upload last 90 days analytics reports. If you have more than one website then you can add more here.
  7. optad360 website details fill up
  8. On fourth page, Review your all details is correct or not. Accept the terms and complete registration.
  9. review details and confirm registration
  10. Now wait for some days, If your website approves then they will contact via mail, call or whatsapp.

Alternatively, You can mail direct on [email protected] where your conversation will start with one of the executive and you can start approval process.

Here is the steps after optad360 approval to start monetization :

optad360 ad manager mcm invitation accept

optad360 ad manager mcm invitation accept

optad360 google ad manager mcm invitation accept

  1. Now they send Google ad manager MLM invitation which you have to accept it. Don’t have google ad manager account then you can create new one. It’s very simple.
  2. They will send you their ads.txt which you have to place in your root of the files, If you are using with other ad network provider then copy the lines and paste in it.
  3. After they will send you a JS code which you have to insert in your head section.
  4. That’s it you have completed all the work. Rest they will do several experiments from their backend.

If your website is already approved by google adsense then ads will show immediately once ads.txt will crawl. Normally it takes less than 24 hours.

If the website is not approved by google then they will approve it, Because they are the google certified partner and they can direct contact with google.

There tech department will automatically setup ads on your website, You don’t need to put any ads units manually.

There is no effect on your website speed score after inserting optad360 ads on your website, Ads will open as like adsense ads.

It will take upto 1 months to complete optimize your website revenue, In first weeks may be you will see low earnings but later they will improve it or you can tell your account manager to adjust CPM rates.

My case study and honest review with optad360

If you read the article above which i shared the steps on my personal experience this post is not sponsored by any company. I created it my self to help peoples who are deciding to switch on optad360.

I am happy with adsense earnings because i don’t believe anyone can give more adsense and this is right as my experience.

How i know about optad360 ?

One day i got mail from optad360 on my another website. They told me, They will optimize my site ads and increase revenue upto 100% so i decided to try.

I implemented optad360 on my website and adsense ads will start showing on my website.

On first day i earned half of the adsense earnings, I talk with manager. They told me to wait at least a week to complete optimize your website.

At that time I don’t have patience to wait for week and i again switched to my old adsense life.

How contact with optad360 ?

In the year 2021, I heard from my friends about optad360 is paying much better now. Again contacted him and told them, wants to again start with optad360.

I followed the above shared steps and ads started immediately on my website. On very first day, I earned more than from adsense. I shocked, I asked with my account manager. How they gives more than from adsense by showing adsense ads.

They told me , There AI engine automatically setup high cpm ad units by experimenting. Changing automatically shows the best high cpm ads that’s why my earning increased.

Here is the ecpm of first 10 days after implement, Mostly my traffic comes from tier 4 countries but gives me good cpm rate as compare to adsense.


Pros and cons of Optad360

Every things have both pros and cons, In my eye optad360 has more pros as compare cons which i shared here on based of my personal experiences.

Here is the list of optad360 pros and cons which helps you to make more transparent this ad network.

Optad360 pros

  • 100% fill rate on bidding, High cpm rates
  • No need to place manual ad units
  • Supported video ad units
  • Real time ad impressions and earning reporting Api
  • Personal account manager
  • Low minimum payout and no fees deductions
  • Real time support
  • Ad revenue index
  • No effect on website speed score
  • Ads refreshments
  • 16+ languages supports for live support

Optad360 cons

  • High commission rate : 10% to 15% commissions on earnings after deducts shows on reporting api
  • No deeply analysis in reporting like country, clicks etc
  • No panel to manage sites, payment methods and like that
Wants to need instant approval on optad360 then mail me : [email protected]


This is the complete optad360 review on my personal experience and here also shared my case study, But If you are thinking for ad optimizations then must give a chance to it and wait for at least 1 month to see improvement in revenue.

One of the great thing, I like about this ad network is their AI engine which continuously change ad units size and shows the highest cpm paying ad units.

If anything i forgot to share here then you can ask your question regarding optad360 in below comments section. I will give your answer on basis of my experience.

Now this is your turn to share our article on your social media accounts to help your friends, family, relatives so they can also know about this ad network and optimize their ad revenue.