Adsterra Review 2021 :How to Get High CPM (Honest Review)

Searching best ad network provider for getting high cpm then you should read about adsterra review of 2021 which is best adsense alternative and sometimes gives high cpm more than from adsense on US Traffic.

In this article we will cover almost all the topics regarding adsterra and solve your doubts, You should use this ad network on your website or not. How much you will earn from adsterra monetization, Approval etc.

This is my honest review of adsterra and i am not copying from any site. I am using this ad network and i will give you proof of each and every thing.

Here i will also show you my 7 days Adsterra case study where i will compare the cpm of different countries, Ctr Rate, impressions, ads placements, ad units and much more. Please read the article fully and carefully, If you really wants to earn money from website.

Before going to start my experience with adsterra , I wants to explain about this ad network in short.

Adsterra is complete advertising and monetization solutions which accepts worldwide traffic. This is not country specific ad network. Their ad units is also anti block which doesn’t blocked by ad blocker so 100% revenue will be generated

The company founded in 2013 and running in more than 248 countries with 30K advertisers and publishers partners. Before 2016 its founded in malware ads system but later changed whole system to genuine ad provider like google adsense.

My Adsterra Review in 2021 with case study

We can’t direct compete adsterra with adsense because its google product but in some fields it is better than adsense which we discuss below in this article.

So guys you are ready to read adsterra honest review and i guarantee you will change your monetization after read this article and switch to adsterra because it doesn’t give money on CPC. It works on E-cpm model which is better from CPC model.

First of all we will talk about requirements, What requirements needs to monetize website on adsterra so everything clears before waste your time on reading this article and you can monetize your traffic or not.

Adsterra requirements – Which type of traffic accepts

There is no any type of requirements by adsterra like website traffic. Only you can’t monetize website which contents porn and gambling content, This category is strictly prohibited on adsterra. If your website contains this type of content then you can’t monetize your website traffic.

Except from this any type of traffic accepted on adsterra ad network, Even you can start with newly created websites which doesn’t have any traffic. They manually approve all the websites but only checks website does not contain porn and gambling content.

 I approved my three of websites on adsterra and all of the approved in less than 5 minutes because the support system is always active 24*7 hours live chat so if any problem then you can direct contact with them. 

If the website is not approving on adsterra then take the help of live chat, They will solve your issue instantly online.

Adsterra Cpm and Cpc rate

As i told above it’s works on cpm model so it doesn’t effect your earnings, even you are not getting any clicks on ads. That thing is very good of adsterra.

Cpm model works on cost per mile or cost per 1000 impressions. Suppose you are getting 1000 Page views daily and two ad units placed on each page then total of 2000 impressions will count.

adsterra high cpm rate earning

If the cpm is 10$ then you will earn total 20$ daily. Its depends on CPM, If we talk about united states traffic then cpm on adsterra is more than $21 i got in 10 days.

So adsterra cpm rate is very good, If traffic comes from tier – 1 countries then you should definitely try. You will earn good money from adsterra ads because it counts every impression not only unique.

Adsterra Payment methods

I loves adsterra network provider because 6 payment methods available on it and they pays two time in a month. Your earnings will be hold for 2 weeks only. Let me explain, How payment system of adsterra works ?

They pays two times in one month, From 1st to 5th of the month and 16st to 20th date of the month with 15 days of holdings.

Suppose you earns 100$ from 1st to 15th of the month then you will get Payment on next month 1st date. Under payment history page, You can see schedule of your payments.

Minimum payout on adsterra is just $5, It different for different payment methods.

Here is the list of payment methods available on adsterra –

Payment Method Time Minimum Payout Currency Fees
Paypal instant* $100 USD up to 5.4% of payout sum**
Web Money instant* $5 USD 1% of payout sum
Paxum instant* $5 USD $1
Wire Transfer 3-4 days $1000*** USD/EUR $50 for USD $0 for EUR
Bitcoin instant* $100 bitcoin network fee is included****
Tether instant* $100 USD(T) 2% of payout sum, network fee is included

As you seen in above table , Adsterra supports paypal payment method which is peoples favorite with only $100 minimum payout. If earnings is less than $100 and wants to payout then you have to go with web money or paxum.

It also supports wire transfer which is good for big payments and for savings fees if you are taking money in euros otherwise fees is also high.

You can also take payment in bitcoin address on just above $100 and fees is also included in it.

So guys this is about adsterra payment system, How they pays on this available payment methods with fees.

Adsterra Payment Proofs

Here is my payment proof of adsterra which paid on time and instantly reflected in my account. Payment details provided in adsterra payment history under account section.


I used web money as payment method and little amount of fees deducted from adsterra earnings and exact remaining amount reflected in my web money account.

Here is screenshot of my webmoney purse wallet transaction where i received money from paymaster24 with earnings day details.

adsterra webmoney payment proof

Available ads units on adsterra

Ad units also play very important role in monetization because ad provider provides which type of ads units is offering and this is suitable to our website or not. That won’t be bad for our user experience.

All the adsterra ad formats smoothly works on mobile and desktop traffic. This all are user friendly formats, So user behaviour will not bad.

This things are very important on website monetization specially when our mostly traffic comes from search engines because bad interface means bad experience and your bounce rate will be high. This may cause negative effect on seo.

But don’t worry adsterra provides every type of ad units, Here is list of available ad units on adsterra

  1. Pop under
  2. Direct links
  3. Banners available is Fixed size : 300 X 250 PX, 468 X 60 PX, 320 X 50 PX, 160 X 300px, 160 X 600 PX, 728 X 90 PX
  4. Native banner
  5. Push ads
  6. Vast
  7. Social bar

This are the available ad units on adsterra, As my experience social bar gives me highest cpm because CTR is more than 30% on my site. You can check in below image

adsterra ad units earnings

I didn’t tried Pop under ads but this also gives Good CPM, If you don’t wants to use this type of ads then go for 300 X 250 PX and 728 X 90 PX which also gives very good cpm.

Only one ad units size will be generated one time from panel, If you need multiple banner of same size then you have to contact on live support, They will generate for you.

For better results, please use only one banner of each size per page.

1. Popunder ads

This ad units gives high cpm from other ad units on adsterra, You have to put the code in header. When visitor visits site and click anywhere on that page or link. Pop up will open in new tab.


This ad unit can spoil user experience because it will redirect users to other pages. If your majority of traffic comes from search engines like google, bing, yahoo then i recommend don’t use this ad unit. It’s not safe, Within some days your traffic will drop.

If your keywords doesn’t ranks on search engines then you should submit your domain and keywords on best directory submission sites and free social bookmarking sites which improves domain authority, keyword positions and website traffics.

2. Direct Links

You can create direct link of ads and place anywhere on webpage by your own anchor tags, images, buttons. Whenever someone clicks or visit this direct link ad. You will make money from visitors.

Two types of direct link categories available on adsterra which is Adult and Non-adult, When visitor clicks on direct link ad which type of ads you wants to show.

direct link ads units

You can remove campaigns which contains Erotic ads, Software ads, Alert ads, Gambling ads or Ads with sounds. Removing campaign may low cpm rates.

3. Fixed size display banners

It is same as like adsense and other providers display banners where fixed size banners shows image or dynamic content on webpage.

6 Fixed size banners available on adsterra ads placement units section which is 300 X 250 PX , 728 X 90 PX which gives high cpm as my personal experience. Other ad units like 468 X 60 PX, 160 X 300 PX, 320 X 50 PX, 160 X 600 PX also gives good cpm, Without single clicks.

4. Native banner

Native banners are thumbnails image with title, It gets good click through rate so gives good money. On adsterra you can set native banner widget layouts like horizontal or vertical banners. How much titles you need, Its same as like tambola ads.

Configure the font size and font color so it will looks like original article content and clicks will be boosted.

5. Social bar

Social bar is the highest adsterra cpm ad which CTR is also very high as compare to other ad units. It comes with anti ad block solution so you will not lost revenue on ad blockers installed devices. It works on both mobile and desktop devices.

The social bar ads on adsterra looks like friendly notifications, icons, widgets, custom lead forms, messaging apps, dialogs, chats, or IG stories. The code also inserted in footer so it loads after website fully loaded.

adsterra high cpm social bar ad unit

This are all the popular ad units available on adsterra which gives high cpm as well as good ctr and you can earn good money from that.

If you are getting problem to create any ad units or multiple ad units of same size then contact to live chat support, They will instant make for you but adsterra suggests use only one banner of same size will give better cpm results.

Adsterra referral program

Now some of ad network provider runs referral program, Adsterra also gives option to share invite link and earn 5% flat revenue of referred person lifetime.

The option gives extra earning opportunity with monetization of websites, Suppose if you referred person earns $1000 every month then flat $50 you will earn without doing anything.

So basically more you refer , more you earn. Adsterral referral program can also be used even you don’t have website or using monetization program.

If you have own blog or website then download referral banners and place it on pages, You will get good amount of referrals from your link.

If the article helps you then you can give credit to me by using my adsterra referral link to create new account on it.

Click Here to Sign up on Adsterra

Adsterra vs Adsense

Before going to start comparison of both ad network providers, I wants to clear no one ad networks can provide equal or more from google adsense because it can give good revenue on every country traffic but adsterra gives high cpm only united states and tier – 1 countries traffic.

If we talk about ad units then adsterra have more ad units as compare to adsense but they don’t have responsive ads, Only fixed size ad units.

Adsense shows relevant ads to the visitors by tracking searches and much more while adsterra shows some specific ads every time.

But adsterra is better in some fields as compare to adsense like 2 times payments in a month with 16 days holdings, Only $5 minimum Payout and Live chat support which on adsense no chat support. Only email support or community, 21 days holdings and $100 minimum payout. Here is my adsterra payment proof history image.

adsterra payment proof

Adsterra approves website easily and no difficult requirements like adsense, Some of the publishers doesn’t use adsense just because it can disable account anytime without giving any prior notice or warning. That thing of adsense is very bad.

Here is key features comparison of adsterra and adsense

Adsterra Adsense
Ad units Fixed size Responsive
Minimum Payout $5 $100
Live Support Yes Email support only
Traffic accepts Worldwide but high cpm only on tier – 1 Worldwide, Good CPM
Requirements No any type Huge requirements
Approval Almost Instant or 24 Hours Upto 2 Weeks
Live Reports Yes Yes
Adult/Erotic ads Yes No
Payment methods 5 Methods Wire transfer

How to get started with adsterra ads on your website ?

Finally you have been known completely about adsterra ad network, How its works ?. I hope you will put ads on your website or blog then here is the steps for you.

1. Visit Adsterra Sign up Page

2. Enter your full name , email id and click on “Continue” button.

enter email on sign up

3. Enter Login username, Password, Messenger details, Payment method and domain details. Click on “Complete registration” button.

adsterra sign up form

4. One verification email from adsterra , you will receive on above entered email id.

verification link sent

5. Open email inbox and click on “Complete verification” button on email will verify email id and redirect you to adsterra login page.

confirm email address

6. Enter Login username/email id and password which you setup. Click on “Login” button.

7. Finally, You’re on adsterra dashboard. Click on “Websites” from left menu sidebar and click on ” Add new website “.You will be notify via email once its approved.

add website on adsterra

8. Enter website domain name, Select website category, any one ad units and Click on “Add” button. It will take some time to approve your website if meets adsterra terms and conditions. In my case, Its was instant.

approved websites list

9. Once your website status as approved, Click on “Add code“. Select ad units and click on “Add” button. It will take one minute to approve. You will be notify via email.

10. Select “All codes” >> “Get code” button to copy adsterra ad unit tags javascript. Paste it on your website. If using any cache plugin then clear cache. Your adsterra ads will be live instantly.

If you competitor using any ad plugin to place ads on wordpress site then you should check how to find wordpress plugin from any site. Lots of methods automatic and manual methods i shared on that page.

Finally your ads live, Similarly generate other ad units codes and place it on your website. Don’t use too much will effect on user experience will increase bounce rate of site.

My Honest review on adsterra

Same as like steps i shared here, I was started. This is my personal experience but when i am pasting the javascript on wordpress php website. Within few minutes the code automatically eliminated and removed from site. I am pasting the code in my theme files.

So i contacted to my hosting provider but they didn’t able to find issue, When i talked with adsterra chat support. They told me, Php eliminate their javascript codes so they created iframe codes for me. If you need iframe ad codes of adsterra then contact in chat support. They will instantly create for you.

iframe ad codes

Also they said, You will not get good cpm on iframe codes because advertisers doesn’t use this option so i again switched to javascript code and paste in widgets. Its works like charm.

Try yourself
I am earning sufficient money from website traffic but using 5 days adsterra on my website, My traffic was dropping day by day. I searched on internet and I got the answer, This is because of adsterra ads codes. Immediately I removed the codes from my website and It recovered within some days.

I didn’t used Popunder ads , Removed social bar and tested but it was still dropping.

After that i thought, Why this happens and i got this answer

First the Javascript codes are automatic eliminated by php because i think that codes contains malware. I am not sure about this.

Secondly how they earns because only one or two banner shows everytime even i tested by changing ip address of different countries and pays higher revenue to publishers because it contains malware ads and they will completely destroy your website in some days. May be blocked by browsers which is very difficult to unblock and all the traffic you will be loss.

So i recommend don’t use this adsterra if the majority of traffic comes from search engines, If website traffic sources is social media , Youtube or others then obviously use this ad network. You will earn good money.

Pros and cons of Adsterra ad network :

1. Pros

  • High CPM
  • Works on CPM models, No need of clicks. Earnings based on impressions
  • Easy approval
  • Various ad units
  • Low payout
  • Live statiscs reports
  • Live chat support

2. Cons

  • Not suitable for search engine traffic, Traffic drops problem
  • Fees deducts on payments

It doesn’t accepts web push notification ad units which available on their similar ad network Propellerads.

Final words

So guys this is the complete adsterra review of 2021 with case study screenshots of my dashboard. Overall I am happy with this network and this is the best adsense alternative.

If your website is not approving by adsense or adsense banned or website doesn’t meets policy because of movie site, Music etc then i recommend to try adsterra once.

You should also check valueimpression review which is another great ad network provider which offers adsense ads, Outstream video ad, sticky ad with automatic refresh. There is no adsense account requires to use valueimpression ads.

Anything else if you wants to ask about the adsterra ad network then free to comment here, Also share your opinion about adsterra and other ad networks so it will help to other publishers to monetize their website.