Propellerads review 2023 for publishers, cpm, adsense safe ads

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Propellerads review on cpm rate

Propellerads is the best adsense alternative. Here check my publishers review of 2023 with case study on Propellerads, cpm rate, payment proof and much more on my personal experience with propellerads in this article.

This ad network is best for website doesn’t comply with adsense policies. Because you will not get adsense approval or already approved then risk of ban. Another option which is Valueimpression & Optad360 but still not getting approval from this ad network then you should try propellerads.

Process to getting approval on propellerads is instant. There is no minimum traffic criteria or content. Also get approval even traffic is very low or getting major traffic not from search engines.

Note : The post is not sponsored. I am using propeller ads as publishers from last 6 months. On the basis here i am giving review on propellerads ad network. Here i am also sharing proof of my earnings, payment proofs, cpm rate via screenshots.

I used push ad format mostly and here i can explain you should use propellerads with adsense or not.

What is propellerads ad network ?

Propellerads is completely different from adsense. We can’t compare with adsense because its a traffic driven ad network. Both advertiser and publisher option available so we can monetize our website as well as advertise ourself.

Multiple options available to earn money on propellerads like push notifications, popunder ads, smart links, Interstitials & social bar. We can say that its similar like adsterra ad network but still some ad formats and cpm rate is different. If majority of traffic from USA then in some cases propellerads bump adsense on cpm rate.

More than 8 years of experience in this field and more than 150 thousands publishers is already part of propellerads ad network which brings billions of impressions every month.

One of great thing, It is completely safe with SEO. It doesn’t hurt your seo work like some this type of ad networks direct effect on search traffic.

Your website developed on wordpress cms then putting propellerads will more simple. Install official wordpress plugin and connect with account and manage ads direct from wordpress dashboard.

Another ads will not blocked by adblockers if you enable the option when creating ad units so use as fallback with other ad network.

Before going to further , We”ll discuss which ad formats or ad units available on propellerads and which gives high cpm.

Which ad formats available on propellerads and adsense safe

Total 6 type of ad formats available on propellerads. Some can be usable with adsense without any problem but some of ad formats can ban adsense account. So using with adsense then don’t use that ad formats.


On propellerads homepage, Its clearly mentioned there ads are completely safe with adsense but still its risky to use with popunders ads which cause accidental clicks.

1. Multitag ad format

All in one ad code requires place this ad code script. It’s automatically optimize ads with best CTR and CPM. Don’t wants to place ad codes manually then place multitag script. It will show all types of ads formats.

Multitag option is like adsense auto ad which automatically place best ad format on top performing placements. Automatically optimize the best ads and gives higher cpm rates.

Multitag ad format is safe with adsense

I will not recommend this ad format to use with adsense because it will show ONCLICK ads/Pop under ads which strictly prohibited by google.

2. Push notifications

Tried lots of website for monetize website using push notifications but only propellerads given me higher cpm rates. Two options available under push monetization which is CPS (Cost per subscribe) & CPM (Cost per mile). People mostly uses cpm because more subscribers then more impressions so earn long time from CPM Subscription.

Propellerads Push notifications safe with adsense

Monetizing push notifications with propellerads is completely safe with adsense because its a different type of monetization, Even i am using with my some of websites.

Here is my screenshot of CPM rate which i getting on propellerads push notifications. Majority of traffic on this website from United states.

propellerads cpm rate of push ads

3. Popunder & Interstitial (Safe with adsense or not)

Both the adformats gives high cpm from other ad formats because click through rate is more but not safe with adsense. Popunder opens pop windows on clicks and interstitial shows full page banners which overlays adsense ads and this is against adsense policy.

Even i will not recommend popunder ad format when majority of traffic comes from search engines. If traffic comes from other sources and adsense not using then must use that ad formats. You will earn huge money.

4. In-page push ad format

In-page push ad format of propellerads is safe with adsense ads. Even doesn’t hurt seo as well as user experience and can be easily closable.

Click through rate is also good on In-page push which load after page completely load. Also recommend to place the Ad unit in footer.

5. Direct link

Direct link can be monetize via any source and doesn’t require website. Only direct traffic requires on link.

Create anchor tag and place it where gets more clicks. Use banner to attract more visitors, People uses “Download now” , “Click Here” like anchors and banners to get more clicks.

The direct link propellerads ad format can be use with adsense ads because it is just a type of link.

Which propellerads adunits safe with adsense ?

Above i explained all the ad formats which available on propellerads and how it works ?

Note : Propellerads says their every ad format is safe with adsense but I says not every only some. After Ban adsense account propellerads will not come to unblock it so please read this article carefully if using both ad networks together.

Yes its right using this both ad networks together can increase revenue because ad formats is completely different. Still recommends don’t wants to risk with adsense then don’t try propellerads because sometimes it shows erotic ads as well malware ads which force users to install software.

This will make user experience bad as well as dropping in traffic. But if have decided to use propellerads and don’t wants to ban from adsense then don’t use Popunder onclick ads & interstitial ad formats. This overlay and cause accidental clicks.

Push notifications, Direct link ads & In-page push is completely safe with adsense. Use that propellerads ad formats with adsense to increase revenue and fill empty inventory.

Using only propellerads then multitag is the best ad format for monetization which automatically optimize and gives high revenue. Only placing one ad script will monetize full website.

Propellerads payment methods

There is four types of payment methods available on propellerads for publishers and only $5 minimum payout requires to reach threshold. Also they pays weekly, monthly or manual select payment period from settings.

Receive payments on Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer and Webmoney. Propellerads payment is very flexible and on-time as my personal experience. Set minimum payout manually if wants to hold.


Payment period is weekly then earnings of first week can be redeem on next week. For one week earnings will be on hold and show in total balance. After hold period it will be transfer to payout balance and withdraw automatically every week.

Payment proof

Here is my propellerads payment proof and selected weekly payments. Paid every time on time. There is no issue with payments. If facing any problem then ask with your account manager.


Below is the screenshots of paypal account where propellerads sent me payments.


I think every thinks clear about propellerads now. Join without any problem by below steps where shared complete steps to get started with propellerads publisher account.

How to monetize website on propellerads with high cpm rate ?

Its too much easy, Start monetization in just 5 minutes on propellerads. Don’t need wait for approval like other ad networks. There is no minimum traffic require and can monetize brand new website also.

Create publisher account on propellerads then here is the steps :

How to register publisher account on propellerads ?

1. On registering new account first open browser and click on below link.


homepage propellerads

2. Propellerads homepage will open. Click on “Monetize Traffic” Button will open sign up form on screen. Select account type, first name, last name, country, city, address, email , phone number. You can leave ID verification but later required for withdraw payments.


3. Click on “Next” Button will open another form where fill details about your website like which affiliates you are using, which ad formats planning to use etc. Fill the form and accept terms >> Click on “Sign up” Button. You will receive verification email to activate account.

website-details enter

4. Click on “Verify account” button will redirect to setup password for account. Once complete, you are on propellerads publisher dashboard. Publisher account is successfully created. Now you have to add website.

verify-account email

How to approve website ?

1. Click on “Sites” option from left menu >> Add site >> Enter website url and verify using any method like enter meta tag in header or upload propellerads verification file in root.


2. Click on “Verify” button will add website instantly in account. By similar steps add all websites to account.


How to create ad units on propellerads ?

Click on “Sites” >> Select added website will show all created ad zones. On starting it shows empty. Click on “Add zone” button from right side and select ad format. Give any name and select option “Monetize with ad blocking software” which Increase ad revenue by 25% with Anti-Adblock solution. Your ads will not blocked by ad blockers.


Click on “Get tag” button will instantly generate javascript code. Place where you wants to show propellerads ads.

anti-ad-block script

Instantly ads will started to show where placed it. I recommend to place multitag because it will show all type of ad formats and automatically optimize best ads.


If the website is on wordpress then install the plugin and connect it. Your created ad zones will show on plugin dashboard and without coding place propellerads on wordpress website.

How to earn money on propellerads without website ?

Monetization on propellerads are not limited to website owners. Don’t have website then still earn huge money. There is two options which is Direct link & Referral program.

Website owners can also use this options to increase their revenue.

1. Direct link

Already explained direct link ad format above. Don’t need website to use this. Simply create direct link and share on  social accounts or where can get clicks on this links.

When somebody click on this link, You will earn money.

2. Propellerads Referral program

Propellerads referral program give opportunity to earn money without doing anything by just referring friends on propellerads. Earn flat 5% earnings lifetime.

After login create own propellerads referral link and give to your friends. Your friends must use referral link on creating account. That’s it earn flat 5% commission of referrals earnings without doing anything. It doesn’t matter how they are earnings.

Suppose one friend earns $100 per day on propellerads. You will earn $5 in your account. You will earn lifetime from referrals.

Final words

This is propellerads review on my personal experience. Not earning as much from propellerads then try a-ads which shows crypto banners and gives upto $6 cpm. Use a-ads with propellerads to increase overall revenue.

Even some people says a-ads is better than adsense because daily withdrawals, no minimum payout and high cpm banners. You should look at once.

Sufficient cpm rate is not getting on propellerads then try to change layout of website, niche, traffic sources because this also matters huge on cpm rate.

Push notification ad format review
Not happy with propellerads then still don’t remove push notification ad format because i tried lots of push monetization network but no one pays equal to propellerads. You can use with adsense also.

Still have any question then enter in below comments section and don’t forget to share with your friends. This ad network is best if you have any downloading website.