Pubfuture review -Premium high cpm ad network + google adx

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Pubfuture is best ad optimization service to increase ad revenue of websites. Here is complete pubfuture review on my personal experience including pubfuture cpm rate, experience, payment methods and how much traffic require to get approval.

Its completely similar like valueimpression which i shared some days ago. Read that review then you would understood about pubfuture in this single line.

Using google adsense to earn revenue from websites by showing advertisements then you are not completely monetizing your website. Still some of the revenue loosing because now multiple options available to monetize website.

Note : Before giving any review of ad network on my website, Firstly i uses it for some days. I talk to customer support and solve my queries then i share here with complete explanation and screenshots. The same steps i done with pubfuture ad network.

Another best google adsense alternative is optad360 which is also similar to pubfuture. They all uses google ad exchange so ad fill rate of inventory will go upto 100% and you will never loss single dollar.

Now without wasting your important time, We will start the review of pubfuture with first introduction.

What is pubfuture ad network ?

Pubfuture is a complete ad network solution with 10 years of experience in this field. It will optimize your ads and increase ad revenue. It works on cpm model, So you will earn revenue per mile (1000 impressions).

They have more than 100+ premium ad network partners which increase your revenue upto 200%. It depends on niche, traffic comes from which country and source of traffic.

At internet, Thousands of premium ad networks available. They have their own clients and advertisements. There top ad partners are google ad exchange, pubmatic, yahoo, openx, smaato, indexexchange, appnexus etc. You can check whole list in ads.txt file.

Applying on each and implementing each one ad code is very difficult to manage. It is very Difficult when you are using adsense because adsense allows third party ads to use with them but still it is very risky.

So all of this problems solution is Pubfuture ad network because it works on header bidding, Who pays more will win the auction and shows advertisements. In this way, Your ad revenue will boost with rocket speed.


If you will use Pubfuture then mostly google adx ads will show which is same as like adsense ads because google has more advertisers and pays high so more than 70% fill rate by google so don’t be confuse.

No google adsense account require
One of the great thing of pubfuture ad network is you don’t need google adsense account or google ad manager MCM to start showing ads for earn revenue.

Let’s come to discuss about each important topics about pubfuture one by one :

Minimum requirements to get started with pubfuture :

There is no big requirements by pubfuture to start showing ads and earn revenue from it. Website must have more than 1 Lac page views per month is sufficient to get approval of website by pubfuture.

Also apply with page less than 1 lac page views by conveyance customer department like your website is growing very fast. Website which contains nudity content will not approve, So don’t waste time on it.

If your website is like url shortner or downloading website which adsense doesn’t allow, You can try pubfuture on that site also.
Getting problem on approval at then don’t worry, You can free to mail me : [email protected] . We can direct contact and approve your website.

Pubfuture cpm rate

If you are thinking to switch other ad network then definitely first problem is cpm rate, Whole revenue depends on cpm rates. Cpm rate can be define as, Getting 1000 page views per day and inserted two banners in page if banners is opened everytime then total 2000 impressions you will get. If the cpm rate is 3$ then your earnings will be $6.

Inserting more ad units in a page will increase your impressions as well as earnings but little bit CPM rate will be down so shows only limited ad units like 5 to 6 per page to balance both cpm rate and revenue.

What cpm rate will get
Cpm rate will you get on pubfuture is from $1 to $15. Its completely depend on which country traffic you are getting, Suppose getting traffic from USA will give you more CPM Rate.

On other factors CPM Rate on pub future also depend on traffic sources , clicks on ads , unique visitors , bounce rate, ads placements, ads sizes etc. Placing 300*250 size display banners and video ad unit will give more cpm as compare to other ad units on pubfuture as my personal experience.

Payment methods

There is four payment methods available on pubfuture which all are popular and most uses. Only $50 minimum payout require on pubfuture if you takes payments via Paypal or Payoneer.

Wants to save huge fees on pubfuture payments then take the payments using bitcoin or wire transfer but payment threshold will increase to $500 & $1000.


The pubfuture payment model works on net-15 term, After 10-15 days your earnings will be send to your payment method. Like adsense works on Net-21 term. For example : your earnings of January 2022 month will be credited between 10th to 15th of February 2022.

So no any delay on payments, No any hidden charges and fees. This is another benefit of pubfuture ad network.

Pubfuture ad formats

Another important part before using any ad network is ad formats. They have almost all the popular ad formats which available in google adsense and adx with some of the extra ad formats which not available on this ad networks.

pubfuture ad formats available

Adsense doesn’t give option to create ad units of videos ads, interstitial , sticky & native ad formats which cpm rate is more from banner ads. You can get this ad units on pubfuture.

Let’s discuss each ad format one by one :

1. Banner ad format on pubfuture


Banner ad same as like adsense ad but you will get only fixed size banner ad unit codes which is 300*250, 336*280, 728*90, 970*90, 750*100, 970*250, 160*600, 300*600, 320*100, 320*50. This all banner ad format available on pufuture.

2. Video ad format

Video ad format is new ad format which doesn’t available on google adsense but can be show using google adx, Cpm rate is very high but fill rate is little bit low. Show In-stream and outstream video ads which is sticky, floating and contains close button to hide it.


So it will not bad user experience. Three video ad units available on pub future which is 498*220, 600*400 & Free size (Responsive).

3. Sticky and Native ad format

Sticky contains display banners which is fixed at bottom or top of the screen, Now you can see this sticky ad units on adsense also. User can easily hide by click on close button.

Native ad format gets more click because its looks in-built in content. Native ad format contains one image and heading. It helps increase revenue and audience growth.


I think this details is sufficient to prove pubfuture is a best high cpm and ad optimization network. Now we will start the steps to sign up and get fast approval on pubfuture.

How to monetize website with pubfuture ?

Before going to submit website, Make sure this things are clear. Website doesn’t contain nude images and content, Navigation and user interface is clear, Main source of traffic is search engines.


1. First of all , Visit Website.

2. Click on “Sign up” button from right corner, Enter first name, Last name, Email, Your website, Password. Complete the captcha and Click on “Register” button.


3. You will receive verification email from pubfuture, Click on verify link and complete the sign up process.

Your account is successfully created on pubfuture, Now next step is to submit website.

Submit website on Pubfuture

1. Login to Account >> From left side >> Click on “Website & Ad unit” Option. Here add all website and create ad unit after approved.

2. Click on “Add website” Option from right side. Enter your domain and select category. Under description option, Tell about website in brief.


3. Click on “Add“, Within some days. They will review your website and approve it if comply with their policies. They can also contact via email if any changes require.

How to create ad units

Creating ad units is only possible after approval, Once you submit the website. They will contact via email and send you ads.txt file. Update ads.txt file with their code. You can also redirect your ads.txt to if don’t wants to update every time.


Under “Website & ad unit” option, Click on “Create ad unit“. Select the size and give name and create it. It will show pending until your account manager approve it. Tell them to create ad units and send codes via email.

How much time to show ads

Ads.txt will take upto 24 hours for update and crawl, After this time your code started to show ads. Demands takes some days to approve your website so keep patience at least 1 week to see your optimized revenue.

Website already before in google adsense or using other google adx partner then immediately ads will started to show. Otherwise it will take some more days because they will submit website on google, Once it approves ads will show until there default image will show.

Without header scripts, Ads will not show on pubfuture. Ask with your account manager regarding header codes.

Frequently asked questions answers

Is adsense or google ad manager account requires to use pubfuture ?

No, You don’t need approved website from google adsense or google ad manager to get started on pubfuture. You can also use with adsense. This ad network is completely safe with google because they are google partner. From their end, They will apply and approve it. Don’t need to worry about it.

Can i use google adx partner ads on adsense banned sites ?

Yes, If website banned or adsense account disable by google then still you can use pubfuture advertisements on your website and earn more revenue from adsense. This is best adsense alternative.

But if the website banned from google ad manager then no one google ad partner can show google ads on website. You have last option which is adsterra & a-ads which shows crypto ads gives very good cpm but counts only unique impressions.

What is cpm rate on pubfuture ?

Pubfuture gives highest cpm rate upto $15 on video ads & banner ads. The cpm rate on ad networks also depend on traffic sources like more traffic from USA will give more cpm rates.

What is Pubfuture referral program ?

Referring friends on pufuture will earn thousands of dollars without doing anything. Get 5% commissions of referrals earnings.

Suppose your 10 friends earns $100 daily on pubfuture which you referred, Then your daily pubfuture referral earnings will be $50. To refer someone you have to talk with your account manager. They will ask your friends website and email. Give them. On monthly basis they will share referral status and commission reports on your email id.

Final words

I know this is not complete pubfuture review, Still some things is not covered in this article but all the required details are available which enough to get started on pubfuture.

If any problem are facing on pubfuture ad-network like approval, payments etc. then you can ask your query in below comments section. I will soon give your reply.

Share the article with your friends who are looking for best adsense alternative or google adx partner which gives high cpm, If they switch it then you will earn 5% friends earnings.